About Us

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All parents need their children to be happy, secure and successful. They search desperately for a school where their sons and daughters can succeed academically and be happy at the same time. Dear parents it is good to know that you do not have to search any further.

We warmly welcome you to ENIS Treasure Family. It is a world of endless possibilities and the pride of every parent and community. We encourage you to be actively involved in the school life of your children. We need to be together to achieve this goal.

We welcome you to the end of your desperate search for place where your sons and daughters can succeed academically, morally, socially without leaving God completely out of it

Here in ENIS family, we are dedicated to educate, inspire and nurture pupils who are eager to explore and learn from the wealth of resource materials on ground as we have the framework for the Early Years foundation for today’s generation.

We set the standards for learning, development and care for children in a safe, secure, happy, clean serene and beautifully decorated environment like ours.

We collaborate with you to providing your child with educational resources and experiences that meet their needs and foster lifelong learning and growth.

Furthermore, we inspire you to become the world’s best mum and dad in the community and make you a happy parent by the in-depth level of knowledge that your child acquires in the course of being in ENIS Treasure Schools that surpass their peers and makes them standout in any society they find themselves.


To be the premier provider of excellent foundation education to today’s generation


We are dedicated to educate, inspire and nurture children in a safe secure and stimulating environment where the children’s interactions with one another together with quality educational offerings provide learning opportunities essential for later life.


Empowerment, Excellence & Leadership